Influence Medical

The Personal Health Management Service

Curated Elite Health Management

A tailored health partnership with your “always-on-call” personal physician. This service is limited to ambitious¬†individuals who seek a dedicated, coordinating, personal health physician.


  1. 24 hr, 7 day a week access to your doctor for all medical needs
  2. Comprehensive annual health assessment
  3. Strategic planning for desired health outcomes
  4. Personalised health coaching as needed
  5. Priority access to the best available specialist medical and surgical specialists
  6. Authoritative assessment of evidence for healthy ageing
  7. Peace of mind regarding your health


Ambitious individuals who require a dedicated, coordinating, personal health physician


An annual retainer, negotiated on application


How to apply?

Complete the application or have your personal assistant contact us at and we will arrange a meeting with Dr Gary Ward