Influence Medical

The Building Wellness Program


The Building Wellness program enables you to clearly define your health goals and take the actions required to achieve those goals –  no gimmicks, no supplements – just knowledge and action!

The program is a private membership medical service offering an “ecological” or *”holistic” approach to satisfying your aims for health and happiness.

(*holistic: characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole; characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account physical, mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease).

Do you know where to start? Do you know how much exercise is appropriate for you? Do you know what food intake is best for you? Which “fad-diet” really works? Do you know how much sleep you need? Or how to reliably manage stress?


The program includes:

  • A comprehensive medical assessment and risk analysis (including fitness, nutrition and emotional health).
  • Formulation of  specific measurable health goals (previous participants have achieved significant weight reduction, unprecedented ability to manage stress, and improved personal relationships)
  • Personal coaching tailored to your specific requirements (especially weight, fitness and mood)
  • Study papers and group sessions and seminars – designed to educate and motivate
  • Monthly “touch-points” and accountability structure to ensure maintenance
  • Re-evaluation at 3, 6 and 12 months to celebrate success and to determine next steps in your health goals


This is a medical program with the usual standards of medical confidentiality and privacy. We ask that participants respect our request to keep the processes, methodology and proprietary materials confidential. If you are unwilling to accept this request, we ask that you not proceed.


The program is designed to be a rigorous as well as flexible. We recognize that people have different goals and different approaches to their health enhancement. Evidence indicates that while many people set themselves goals for health, they consistently fall short with implementation. This program provides the accountability structure for success, and is designed to embed new habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

We ask you to make certain agreements regarding the program, but your level of participation and engagement is up to you. We reserve the right to withdraw you from the program and provide a proportional refund if you’re level of participation and engagement is inappropriate to your goals.

We will not accept people into the program that we consider do not have the appropriate ambition and ability to commit.



A$4500.00 + GST ($4950)

This investment includes 12 months membership of Influence Medical, all of the doctors appointments, all required blood assessments, the monthly modules, group sessions and the coaching and accountability structures.

Additional standard doctor appointments and special investigations are not included.


  • Option A: Pay in full (A$4950 inclusive of GST) – includes $850 non refundable registration
  • Option B: Pay $850 non-refundable deposit on registration and 5 equal installments of $850 over 3 months

This is not a program for everyone. The BUILDING WELLNESS PROGRAM is limited to those people with the ambition and commitment to invest in their health and happiness.

If you accept this invitation, we promise to deliver an exceptional year of focus on your health.



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